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  • Veröffentlicht am 3rd September 2013

Facebook is definitively mobile. What about you?

One year ago, some analysts expressed doubts about Facebook’s abilities to make the most of mobile.

Mobile now has 41% of Facebook’s ad revenues, generated from 71% of its 1.155M users who connect through mobile at least once a month, or by the 19% who only use the service via mobile.

When 45% of businesses still don’t have a mobile site or app, Facebook made big moves on this area in the previous months:

  • It acquired Instagram, the mobile app that was not even available from desktop until a few months ago. Maybe the best way to bring ‘mobile’ oriented talents on board.
  • It made major changes on its mobile apps, going further by creating a Facebook layer for Androïds phone with Facebook Home.
  • It designed a specific set of creative placement for mobile, all very effective in terms of performance as well as user experience with the mobile app install ads.
  • It’s releasing a set of specific features for users, like allowing you to book a table straight from the app.

So Facebook is following user needs and usage, and is offering a perfect set of features for businesses. Maybe it’s time for your brand to make the switch too?

Finally, you don’t need an app to run Facebook contests

For years, Social Media agencies have been frustrated about Facebook Brand Promotion Guidelines and the fact that a brand can’t use the Social Media platforms native functionalities (likes, comment, share, tag) to run contests, but have to use apps instead.

“We’ve removed the requirement that promotions on Facebook only be administered through apps”

This is now over, and it’s a real relief for all those who want to keep things simple, even if there are still some restrictions. This sounds like a great way to boost your edgerank, as this key factor if you want to be seen by your fans mostly rely on interactions with fans.

Now the questions are:

  • People don’t read Terms & Conditions in a contest apps, so what about the legal issues? In the end, you’ll still need to write rules in order to avoid complaints.
  • How will page owners be able to easily extract lists of people who liked or commented a specific post to organise a draw of a lot for example? And then, how can you contact them? Unless you have a lot of time to waste, this will only work for very small and ‘instant win’ contests.

So, it’s good news, mostly for small businesses, but if you have several thousands fans, this can be very difficult to handle.

Unless you keep it very simple: why not organise a weekly contest where you post a question every Thursday at 2pm for example, in order to offer a gift to the first one to answer? Easy rule, easy to handle and a guaranteed activity peak on this day!

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