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  • Veröffentlicht am 15th Oktober 2013

Google Presents New Image Ads

One of Google’s recent announcements is the release of a new free tool for advertisers called Ready Creatives. It is a beautiful solution that helps serve high quality ads in a very easy and efficient way.

The new Image Ads include two elements: Ready Image Ads and Ready Image Gallery. Both are focused on making image ad creation possible to implement in just a few minutes.


With the Ready Image Ads there is a great flexibility: simply add a URL from your website and the tool automatically constructs display ads based on images from this particular page. There are many customisation options for the text, font, color, images, headlines, URL and more. Also it supports creation IAB standard ads in HTML5 formats. The beauty of this is that these HTML5 ads can be viewed across mobile devices as well as desktops.

As Google mentions currently the following formats are available for your display ads:

  • Dynamic Ads – Dynamic Ads deliver tailored creative across the web that combine the layouts, products, messages and offers that your customers are most likely interested in, based on what they viewed on your website.

  • Engagement Ads – Engagement Ads captivate consumers with rich creative messages. They fit in standard display units, allowing to scale across the web, and then expand to a larger format after an innovative two-second hover delay.

  • Video Ads – Videos are as effective as TV in building awareness of your business. You can create a quick video ad in just a few minutes that showcases your brand.

  • General Purpose Ads – If you need a simple display ad, you can browse through the hundreds of template options provided and easily customise in Google’s editing tool.

With the above tools to build PPC ads through the image ad creation can become an enjoyable process for digital marketers. You can find both tools on the Ads tab in your AdWords account.


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