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  • Veröffentlicht am 3rd September 2013

PPC Industry Updates for August 2013

Google Enhanced Campaigns Update

They say the devil is in the detail and this is true of Google enhanced campaigns. Whilst EC was announced in a storm of uncertainty mixed with anticipation, it hasn’t been without its challenges. Post migration, the teams on the ground have encountered small but operationally significant restrictions. And whilst Google have been eager to rave about the bigger refinements and improvements little has been mentioned about the lack in functionality impacting day to day use. Despite this apparent oversight it would appear that Google are working hard to iron out these restrictions whether they shout about it or not.

The most recent example of this being the ability to target different software based on multi device apps. When we approached Google support, the message was that this was no longer available and neither was it in the pipeline to be developed, leaving the team in a technology funk! However some clever Google searching soon revealed that a solution had already been developed and was in place despite the feedback of the support teams.

So the lesson here is to do some digging. Whilst the big stuff is being thrown out there, those small but helpful changes are being made very much behind the scenes, however much they have big impacts on day to day working.

RLSA Is Radicalising Paid Search

Everyone who is anyone in paid search is talking about RLSA (Remarketing lists for search ads). Following resounding success in the Beta trials it has quickly been launched across all markets. But what is all the fuss about and why should you be using it?

In essence RLSA bridges the gap between display level targeting and the search landscape. Display has always been a hard sell, the vast coverage and potential for high spend means typically it is better suited to branding exercises. There has been increased investment over the last few years to develop targeting methods and audience lists that can single out your target market effectively.

And it is this targeting, combined with paid search that is so compelling for advertisers. Campaigns are created targeting a certain audience list ensuring a vast increase in relevance. Click through rate is also improved through more specific ad copy. The results speak for themselves, increased traffic relevance and conversions are quickly making this a must have feature in each account.

To get this live is actually very easy, the Google remarketing tag needs to be placed across the site. However once complete and the data is building, it is good to go.

So be warned, if your clients aren’t asking about it, they soon will!


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