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Affiliate Week

  • Veröffentlicht am 8th Juli 2016

Summarising Affiliate Marketing Week 2016

For the first time, we have dedicated an entire week to focus on Affiliate Marketing; improve your skills and knowledge, achieve better results for your affiliate campaign, eliminate common mistakes and more! If you missed any of our content this week, here’s your chance to look through the articles, infographic and video. 

Affiliate Marketing is constantly re-inventing itself


For our first article of the week, we dove into the history of Affiliate Marketing, how it works and the changes this marketing channel has undergone over the years. 

“It has often been declared dead, yet it’s still alive. Affiliate Marketing is here to stay! According to a survey by market researcher Forrester – which was created by the Rakuten Affiliate Network, this sector will be growing annually by 10 percent between 2016 and 2020, in the US alone.” 

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Six common mistakes in Affiliate Marketing and how they can be avoided


For our second article of the week, you can learn about the advantages of working with an external agency when running Affiliate programmes and how to avoid making 6 common mistakes in Affiliate Marketing! 

Affiliate Marketing is a good advertising foundation for companies to maximise their brands’ awareness and sales. The benefit here is a distribution channel with low risk and good measurability, as companies only pay for the already-made action. This is especially the case when a company choses the option, which only pays a commission for every order (CPO). Advertisers can use various affiliate models to efficiently expand their range online.”

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The Future of Affiliate Marketing


What does the future of Affiliate Marketing look like? In our Affiliate Marketing infographic, we’ve displayed some of the trends that are affecting this channel. 

On day 3 of our Affiliate Week we’d like to take a look at the future of this channel. As already mentioned in the previous articles, Affiliate Marketing is in constant change making it difficult to give reliable prognoses about future developments. However, we can see some tendencies.”

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Video: Get Better Results with your Affiliate Program

“Building relationships is the key point for your affiliate marketing campaign.” Learn how to get better results, and eliminate common mistakes in your Affiliate Marketing program, with Sina Holzheu, Head of Affiliate at NetBooster UK. 

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