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Brand Safety

  • Veröffentlicht am 22nd März 2017

The Brand Safety Question with YouTube/Google

NetBooster is a global marketing agency and as a result, the business purchases high volumes of media on behalf of its clients, working very closely with advertising leaders including Google. In the spirit of full disclosure and transparency, NetBooster is a Google Analytics Premium Reseller and a DoubleClick Marketing Certified Partner. NetBooster is also fully independent and the agency does not own any ad networks.

The safety of our customers’ brand is paramount to NetBooster, and we understand that brand equity and values are more important today than they have ever been. Consumers expect more and more from brands: ethics, a sense of purpose and a brand experience. Denying it would be detrimental to any business.

NetBooster believes that this objective has to be shared by the entire industry. We welcome Google’s President of EMEA Business & Operations Matt Brittin’s statement on reinforcing resources and strengthening brand safety regulation across Google Display Network and Youtube. But we also believe that everyone in the industry has a responsibility to move beyond the status quo:

  • Ad networks and ad technologies should improve their systems to avoid the types of errors we have seen in the past months,
  • Publishers should improve the quality of their content and make sure that creative formats are always in the best interest of their readers,
  • Agencies should improve their white / blacklisting systems, always work with a brand safety tool while optimising and recommending the best content for their clients 

NetBooster believes that everyone in our industry already works towards these goals. We now need a transparent communication between all stakeholders in order to achieve what is required from us. You can count on us.

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