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  • Veröffentlicht am 28th Mai 2015

Top 5 Considerations When Choosing A SEM Partner


Markets are full of SEM providers and it can be really tricky to decide who to pick. However, how extensively have you considered the differences between a SEM provider and a partner? We have gathered for you a few points that you should consider when choosing a professional SEM partner who will be responsible for your search engine advertising projects.

Marketing managers who deal with SEM often have this problem when choosing an agency for search engine advertising. Here are our top 5 considerations for what you should look for in an ideal SEM partner, one who will not only help to improve the effectiveness of your search engine advertising projects but also help to drive your business further:

1. Do they provide support in defining the correct targets based on your business goals?

It’s essential that you have defined clear targets for your digital marketing actions, which are focused around your overall business goals. A partner can assist you in setting up and analysing the correct digital marketing goals, for measuring the success of search engine advertising actions. This work includes setting up the goals on web-analytics tools. In your digital marketing actions, you should be tracking both micro conversions, which are conversions that are in the earlier stage in the customer path such as newsletter sign-ups or account creations and macro conversions that measure direct responses such as sales.

Based on the client’s overall business goals and the more specific search engine advertising goals, a partner continually adjusts and makes changes to the marketing actions as well as providing development ideas to the client for the future.

2. They’re interested in developing your business, not merely campaigns

Once a partner understands the client’s business and their business goals, it is essential to have a holistic approach to the digital world. A partner is involved in developing your business, not solely creating and optimising specific campaigns. Creating and optimising a campaign can only help you to a certain degree but utilising all the available data gained from campaigns can also help to develop your business further. A good partner will be involved in analysing how to support the whole customer journey in the digital world, rather than only concentrating on the last click sales or getting stuck with consulting you on solely one channel.

3. Are they always active, and never satisfied with the status quo?

In this constantly changing and evolving search marketing world, you can’t afford to stay still. A good partner will not be satisfied with the current state but is frequently reporting on the results of the campaign as well as constantly providing suggestions for developing your business in the digital world and testing new features.

4. Are they willing to challenge the clients and their decisions?

Even though, you as the client, should always be right, the right search partner is willing to question your decisions and say ”No” to your ideas, if indeed the budget would be better spent elsewhere. For example, in situations when campaigns are not expected to be profitable or effective, based on our expertise and analysing previous campaign data, this should be brought up by a partner.

5. In the digital world it is essential to be flexible and impartial

Marketing planning is essential on a yearly and monthly basis, however, if those plans are not flexible, this will create numerous unnecessary issues in the digital world. With a partner, you know budgets are not set in stone but they can, and will be, altered based on previous results and analysis on profitability.

Sometimes with a provider you can be stuck with a process that is unsuitable or ineffective for the way your company works. A partnership is based on agreeing on things together, thus the way of working, reporting and communicating can be tailored to fit the client’s wishes.

There are many factors to consider when choosing an SEM partner for your business and you should remember that there is a big difference between an SEM provider and a partner. It is important to choose a partner that has the time and motivation to serve you and your company’s interests well and who has the dedication to help you to further develop the business.

At NetBooster we are here to help, whether it’s a question of search engine advertising or helping you with your business’ overall digital strategy. As an independent digital agency, we focus on performance driven marketing based on data, to ensure maximum results of any given budget. 

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Written by:
Krister Collin
Johanna Männistö

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